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Written By Leniece Flowers
3 Days Ago (Aug 24)

Key Insights

  • Founder Nash Ahmed, a Nigerian-American, built Undock an all-in-one video meeting interface
  • $1.6 million in a funding round led by Lightship Capital
  • The virtual office/learning environment will continue to create critical demands on software companies 

The two-year old startup has slowly been gaining traction and quietly building an interface that connects scheduling, meetings, and video conferencing.

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Andreessen Horowitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund Delivers on Culture, Minimal Investment into Black-Led Startups
By Sherrell Dorsey
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Apple’s 2020 Vision for Racial Justice
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Weathering COVID-19’s Impact on Their Operations, Black Women Tech Ecosystem Leaders Adapt and Adjust
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Black Tech Mobilizes to Beat the Youth ‘Summer Slide’
Written By Iris Crawford
Sheena Allen and her team have been quietly building a banking and literacy solution befitting the digital-first era for those left out of traditional banking systems.
May 21, 20

Everyone is middle class until they lose their job,” says Sheena Allen, CEO of CapWay, on a late Friday afternoon while she works from her Atlanta office.

Her observation falls in line with that of researchers who project that as the pandemic drastically hollows out America’s middle earners via more job cuts, poverty rates could reach levels on par with those of the Great Depression.

CapWay Delays Debit Card Launch to Late Summer, Braces for Increased Post-Pandemic Needs for the Unbanked
Trends, Policy
Pro Member Briefing
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Dawn Dickson is raising her latest round of funding on the grounds that self-service and automation are the future of retail in a socially-distanced environment.
May 21, 20

As some states reopened for business in the last few weeks and several others are slated to open this week, one would expect shoppers to flock back to their favorite stores ready to spend cash after nearly two months of habitation.  

Getting back to “normal” will look different in the weeks and months ahead, partly because human-to-human contact is still risky business for shoppers and retail workers on the front line. 

PopCom Raising $1 Million Crowdequity Fund, Places Bets on Future of Shopping through Contact-Less Intelligent Vending
Capital, Invention
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Understanding the Value of Black Assets
Dr. Andre Perry
Andre Perry’s recent scholarship at Brookings has analyzed Black-majority cities and institutions in America, focusing on valuable assets worthy of increased investment.
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Get insight into:
  • Determining the value of assets in Black communities
  • Understanding toxic policies affecting Black businesses in
  • Black communities
    Diving into Yelp ratings of Black businesses
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