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Episode 9

Fet Sherrell Dorsey

Episode 9 features Sherrell Dorsey, data journalist and founder of The Plug. 

This episode is being streamed, at no expense, as apart of a midseason preview July 30th-Aug 6th .

‘Foreplay’ is the name for the first season of #12at12PM—12 unscripted, private lunch recordings that dissect business b.s. and brilliance.


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Audio Chapters:

0:00-8:13 Ostracize From Tech vs Asking The Right Question
8:14-18:34 You Can’t Afford To Be Behind
18:35-25:09 Being Purposeful In What You Create
25:10-27:34 Expanding Your Thinking
27:35-35:10Just Because You Can, Should You Build It? 
35:11-47:22 Are We Ready For A Renaissance?
47:23-END Do It Afraid.

Mentioned Links:

The Plug
The Plug on Twitter


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