Stream 12 @ 12PM Foreplay EP 6

Episode 6

Fet Dan Runcie

Episode 6 is a conversation with Dan Runcie, founder of Trapital, about building value, the waves of culture, and finding your sound.

This episode is being streamed, at no expense, as apart of a midseason preview July 9th-July16th .

‘Foreplay’ is the name for the first season of #12at12PM—12 unscripted, private lunch recordings that dissect business b.s. and brilliance. 


  1. Dan Runcie Patent Ventures Fet Trapital 39:17

Audio Chapters:

0:00-7:45 The Evolution of “Essence”
7:46-12:44 Waves: Individual V.S. the Brand
12:45-20:45 If It’s Perfect You’ve Waited Too Long
20:46-25:34 Creativity & Commodity
25:35-29:00 Finding Your Sound/Meg THEE Stallion
29:01-32:49 Forecasting Strategies In 2020
32:49-END Generational Shift: Thoughts on 2019 Free Agency




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