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‘Foreplay’ is the name for the first season of #12at12PM—12 unscripted, private lunch recordings that dissect business b.s. and brilliance. These raw convos will leave listeners with “ahh-ha” and “ouch my toes” moments, as Ylorie Taylor and Ashley Stewart call out both brilliance and BS.

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45 minutes a day for a month. That's how long it takes to learn and activate new knowledge. — Jeff Kauman (The Personal MBA)

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5 basic desires to arouse and 10 levels of marketing to master (EP.1)
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Underneath marketing is integrity, however shallow or deep. (EP.2)
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The 12 Week Mindset— a better way to marketing (EP.3)
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Acquisition of knowledge & income is just a minimum (EP.4)
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Keynotes on strategy being what you choose, and activating the decisions to back it (EP.5)
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Building value, the waves of culture, and finding your sound. (EP.6)
State of the black creative, branding problems, and art as language (EP.7)


"Ylorie & Ashley's discourse is really great perspective to spark more dialogue around how to go about being an entrepreneur....keeping it real and honest is key. The 'Expose' EP was really good!"

—Courtney D. , Public Health Consultant

"It was absolutely helpful. I especially love the format."

—Camary S., Entrepreneurial Creative

"The conversation was great today. I am honestly grateful to have access to the genius of Ylorie and Ashley."

—Greg A., Photographer & Creative Director


A candid truth teller and all around girl next door, there’s no better rah rah girl to have in your tribe than Ylorie Taylor. She has spent the past decade plus building and leading personal care and beauty brands servicing the multi-cultural consumer. Known for her ability to cultivate relationships, ideate winning strategies, and curate platforms to give exposure to emerging indie brands, Ylorie began consulting in 2008 under the moniker BrownGirlMarketing. Most days you'll find her living out her purpose and passions while serving as the Vice President for EDEN BodyWorks.


"Ashley The Abstract" is her self-proclaimed (and borrowed from rapper Q-Tip) title. Aggressive about aesthetics and communication art, she has spent ten years designing and strategizing with entrepreneurs to manifest their visions.
Learn more about Ashley here.