Audience: Target Market Profiling Template For Bootstrapping Startups

It’s Too Big, It’s Too Wide…A Short Story

Natasha, owner of Essex Beauty, was more than ready to hand over the Instagram duties to her new social media strategist Monica. Keeping up with posting was a demanding chore as Natasha juggled all the operations of her brand. In their first meeting, Monica asked Natasha, “Who’s your target audience?”.  Natasha’s response was quick, ” Women, mostly black (but I don’t want to snub the brand. I want this to be for all women), ages 19-45, sexy, confident, and stylish “. Monica’s silence hung in the air for what seemed like forever. Finally finding the words she quizzically responded, ” Do you know how many people in the world fit that description? And you want to target all of them?”

If you’ve ever approached a consultant, brand strategist, social media coordinator, designer or investor it’s likely you’ve been asked: Who’s your target market. This fillable target market profiling template is for you. Yes, YOU,  the one who’s target market is way too broad. And YOU the one who’s target market hasn’t been defined. The next time you get the question you’ll respond “see attached PDF”. Booyah.


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