Diverse Dexterity Behind Creative Acts

This is part 3 of a 6 part NakedMBA Audio Tape series of an economist POV to entrepreneurial ventures that are deemed creative or have cultural or entertainment value. 


1. Why is it important to inventory what you want, what you have and what you don’t have?

2. Is there a difference between creativity and craft?

3. When there are multiple creatives on one project, how do you deal with conflicting preferences or values?


Listen to the audio for the full experience or stay tuned for the outlined notes. 

NakedMBA Audio Tapes: Part 3 - Craft

Crafting a creative or cultural product that is an act, performance, experience, or deliverable can sometimes require more than one creative input. “Craft” explores the dexterity that is needed to execute a commercially valuable output when there’s a need for diverse skillful input. 

Thought point: How can you better prepare the output before getting the creative inputs? 

Audio Chapters

  • Chapter 1: KnowWhat You Have To Work With 
    • SWOT
    • Use What You Have First
    • Planning Systems For Creatives
  • Chapter 2: Creativity vs Craft
    • Juxtaposition
    • The Advent of Technology
  • Chapter 3: When A Concept Requires More Than You
    • The Skill Of Selecting
    • Performance Threshold
    • Sustaining Cooperation

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