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About Patent Ventures

In 2014, this organization was different. Then, it was created (called by another name) because I was laid off from my first salaried job, and landing another position as a Black woman in the design industry seemed just as (if not more) tumultuous than taking the leap to employ myself.

My dreams then were to organize an agency, and we did. Then, we didn’t anymore around 2016. After that turn of events, left with myself (and the assistance of a great friend who helps with financial matters), Patent Ventures emerged.

Today this sole operated organization is very different. The world has revealed itself and so have I. Patent Ventures is an unorthodox innovation consultancy where visionaries agree to take risks outside of what they’ve seen and known, to do things they’ve never done aesthetically and conceptually. While I am self-employed, I pause to consider myself an entrepreneur right now. I’m an artist, a thinker and that bitch. I’m a human using her God-given and hard earned gifts in hopes that they’ll pay some bills and afford me the existence I desire without exploiting or pressing down anyone else.

In 2020, I decided that Patent Ventures would take a radical transformation and stance as a consultancy:

1. To explore ways to exchange value between consultant and client

I’ve been in the game for over 15 years designing, innovating and pushing people to see clearly outside the mainstream in order to build channels that flow them in the direction of a better existence for us all.
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