Patent Ventures makes unseen potential visible and prolific.

Innovation and aesthetics outside the mainstream.

Ashley Self Portrait

Acting Consultant.


She was only in middle school, using dial up AOL, when she learned photoshop and php. Ignited by the ability to use art and science to communicate, she became a student of graphic design. After completing fine art studies at LSU, bit-by-bit her craft would hone into opportunities to help brand leaders with their creative and business ventures.

Witnessing the game in failures & victories, she understands that innovation isn't a casual affair. Rather, creativity has the power to transform humanity.

Over 10 years of quietly working with start up dreamers, soloprenuers, and multimillion dollar brand executives, her work has been published and proven. Complex, passionate, and honest she pursues a relationship with the mystery of life.



executive partner and fiduciary advisor.


co-founder and development advisor.


business coach and mentor



Patent Ventures LLC is the organization agency for freelancer Ashley Stewart. It was formed to offer a non-traditional strategic partner to individuals and teams seeking perspective and artistic strength, helping them to innovate and initiate transformation in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

The Patent Ventures process is unlike any other. It is rooted in building authentic relationships and extracts potential from blindspots to propel revolutionary acts of creativity that enrich human life. 


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