Brief: [Updated] Stunna, The Real Deal Behind Fenty Beauty’s Launch

The 2017 headlines instigating Fenty Beauty surpassing Kylie Cosmetics were click-bait heaven for many online publications that year.  Black twitter was lit with RT’s because maybe, just maybe a Kardashian had met her match. While happy to see a black woman led brand do it big, I knew there were deeper thangs going on under those media narratives.

To start, I knew Rihanna was not the owner of Fenty Beauty, and though not in full ownership, I knew that Rihanna had strategically placed herself in the best situation to win BIG. So, securing my tracking and intelligence dad hat, the following report was created to cure some curiosity. I wanted to know what’s really good — really understand the business behind the hype. These metrics were originally tracked in late 2017 after the Fenty Beauty launch. Swipe through or use the bottom dots to navigate and read those findings.     

Since first tracking Fenty Beauty in 2017, I fell back. Life comes at you fast. However, prior to republishing this brief I pulled some 2019 metrics and visited a few sites that’ve done journalistic reporting. I didn’t do much analysis or interpretation this go around, I’ll let you do that part. But I will say this … INTERESTING. There are many questions that should be popping up in your head from comparing these beauty brands.

My takeaway is: There is more than one way to skin a cat and more than enough room for everybody to eat.