Ventures App

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Provocative and Unvanilled Exposure to Redefine Prestige 

“Ivy Park, at launch, was considered as the most popular fashion brand on Instagram in terms of engagement. The brand reportedly beat out the likes of Rolex and Victoria’s Secret Pink by two to three times in terms of engagement— Uproxx”

An edge for culture curators, creators, and innovators.



Available for iOS & Android platforms, the “Ventures” app is a slick portal for adventure and exposure to creative inspiration, artistic genius, wisdom and valuable analytics for entrepreneurs and executives.

As the definitions of luxury are being redefined, so does the meaning of what is truly valuable. The “Ventures” app delivers new interpretations of intel with hip-hop pheromones and spiritual undertones to design an eclectic experience for prestige marketplace leaders and influencers to sharpen their impact and shift the culture.


  Stylishpursuit of study

      Roi of the Senses 

Application features

  • Curated streams of music to invoke creativity and imagination
  • Visual Inspiration
  • Original and curated multipage reports
  • Industry insights ticker
  • Industry commentary reads
  • Curated webinars
  • Access to “TableFlippers,Currency” virtual business accelerator
  • Private access community network (coming soon)
  • Idea triggers (coming soon)
  • Problem provocateurs (coming soon)

“The Ventures app is A path cut against the waves of standard social content to venture into the obscure elements of contemporary culture”