Patent Ventures, formerly The Patent Pump, reorganizes for greater impact and increase

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For Immediate Release

A Need For Measurable Results

Conceptualized in 2014 and established for business in 2015, The Patent Pump (former) has restructured and reorganized their business to better serve clients and society. In 2016 the flagship of the company’s business operations was moved from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Atlanta, Georgia. Settling into a new frontier ushered in an identity crisis for the organization and its members. With a lack of inspiration due to the “state of the world” (police brutality, political upheaval, creative mediocrity); and a decrease in client investment due to technology improvements that provided easier branding solutions, the trajectory of the business fell downwards. The company, as it was, was not producing measurable results outside of itself.


Failure & Reconstruction into Patent Ventures

With the threat of being forced out of business and organizational failures, founders Krystal Buggs and Ashley Stewart made the risky decision to shut down operations for 280 days to invest in the reconstruction and successful planning of a new business strategy. Through intense dedication, hours of systematic structuring and a renewed vision of creative activism, The Patent Pump was laid to die and life was breathed into a new name, and new organization called Patent Ventures (Patent V, for short). The name chosen to describe the avant-garde, innovative services and daring focus on enterprising impact and increase.

Entrepreneurial Journey Insights

To support and validate its new direction, Patent Ventures conducted a closed survey in late August 2017 amongst its expanded client network. Respondents answered these questions:

  • What does your business need help with most to improve performance?
  • What does your brand need help with most?
  • Is your company name or any associated products/services trademarked?
  • How many contractors/employees do you manage?
  • What type of project(s) is your company currently focusing on to launch in the next year?
  • What Is currently hindering your business?
  • Where do you source insights/data to help inspire creative ideas?

Results were used to confirm needs for discipline offerings. Infographics and insight interpretation are made openly available  in the ‘analysis’ section of the Patent Ventures app or a free PDF can be requested by emailing

PATENT VENTURES is a performance consultancy that specializes in innovation architecture, brand impact and business increase. Geared toward premium, luxury and culturally advancing enterprises, PATENT VENTURES (PATENT V) serves as a directional and developmental alliance, enforcing analysis and aesthetics in the strategic planning of growth and execution of marketing. Vis-a-vis a proprietary three-phase process, PATENT V tailors its practice and consultancy to meet the needs of clients individually.