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“There are brand incubators, and then there is Patent Ventures. They don’t fit in and I love that”



Value is subjective but its most popular genre is materialism— an outdated and overused statement of worth achievement and success. For contemporary high-quality platforms and products that profit, Patent Ventures believes value is found in the effectuated quality of life and impact. Brands that shift paradigms revel in the distinction of brand development, quality of business direction, and the lasting effects of an experience in the lives of their audience.

Patent Ventures exists as the unparalleled, avant-garde incubator that develops and architects brands like these; maximizing their potential to impact culture and increase prestige performance with aesthetics and analysis.

Our WorkProvoking businesses, exposing brands

We produce edgy strategies, designs, and models. Our approach is the catalyst for provocative change in the exploration, early, and growth stages of managing and marketing brands that are exceptional and redefine prestige.

Structured as a lean contemporary of specialists, our work encompasses: brand strategy and rebranding, analytics, modeling and market research, interactive communication and experience, product concepts and packaging, and design and creative development.

Patent Ventures discerns potential, then exposes raw innovation, sculpting it into coveted intelligence and style that strengthens brand execution and business endurance.

Intuition &Intellect

Aesthetics &Analysis

Viable Solutions

Integrated Advantage

We’re in your face to push past what is stale and comfortable. Ignored market potential is stroked with cultural and technical insight and foresight. 

Our Edge

We are sans corporate and antiglitter. 

We demand thinking outside convention.

We have stamina to push the edge.

We deliver value, not labor.

We do not sell. We seduce.

Our Projects




“she did that.” documentary film, executive produced by renae bluitt, explores the passionate pursuits of black women and their entrepreneurial journeys


eden bodyworks is a 14 year old ingredient conscious hair and skin care brand that creates products that are naturally good.


tempel designs sleek strength & conditioning equipment for the body’s elevation and elite performance.


mischo beauty is the pure and perfect beauty brand that formulates non toxic high performance products without sacrificing luxury.


bebatonrouge is a start-up digital publishing platform bridging the gaps between cultures for the greater good of the city.

about us


Ashley Stewart

Bachelor of Fine Arts, LSU

Over 9 years of professional experience in design, development, and marketing communications


Krystal Buggs

BS Marketing, LSU

6 plus years of programming, modeling, and business infrastructure development. 

executive partner.

Mosunmola Ogunlana

BS Management, University of Minnesota

More than 8 years of professional accounting, fiduciary, and operational process improvement.

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